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Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment at The Best Retreat in Rishikesh, India

Shirodhara is a special Ayurvedic procedure widely practised for stress & psychosomatic diseases. Shirodhara is the process of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil, buttermilk, milk, kvath (decoction of herbs) in a continuous stream on forehead in a specific manner. These procedures of shirodhara are known as Taila dhara, Takra dhara, Ksheera dhara and Kvath dhara viz.


Shirodhara procedure is done traditionally under three steps at Veda 5. These are – Poorva karma (pre procedure preparations), Pradhan karma (Main procedure) and Paschat karma (post shirodhara care).

Before starting this procedure we pray to Lord Dhanvantri and follow holistic ritual Pad dhavan (Foot ritual with Himalayan salt). This is done for well-being of patient/guest for the success of treatment.

  1. Poorva karma (preparatory methods): Few points are considered like position of patient/guest , Shirodhara patra (vessel) is fixed at 4 angula from forehead of guest/patient, covering of his/her eyes with wet cotton, silence is maintained in treatment room and selection of liquid (medicated oil, buttermilk, milk, kwath (decoction of herbs) for shirodhara as per his/her condition which is decided by doctor.
  2. Pradhan karma: Guest is asked to lie on droni (treatment bed) in supine position, then two wet cotton piece are kept on both eyes to prevent the entry of liquid in to the eyes. Then selected luke warm liquid (approx. 2500 ml) nearly equal to body temperature is filled in to dhara patra (vessel), which is poured neither very fast nor slow on fore head continuously in the pendulum manner from one lateral side to another for certain minutes as per guest/patient condition. Temperature of the liquid is maintained during entire procedure.
  3. Paschat karma (post treatment procedure): After completion of shirodhara following of paschat karma are very important to get proper benefits of therapy and to avoid complication like headache, giddiness, fever, nausea etc.

Guest/patient is advised to wait for few minutes after completion of shirodhara and to have light diet.

Parihar (Avoid): Guest / patient is advised to follow certain points up to the period which is taken for completion of shirodhara.

  1. Avoid physical exertion
  2. Mental excitement such as anger, grief etc.
  3. Sexual desire
  4. Exposure to cold, hot, smoke or duct.
  5. Travelling by vehicle, speaking too long or loud or such act which can create strain to the system.
Shirodhara at Veda5 Luxury Wellness Retreat - Best Ayurveda in Rishikesh India

Shirodhara is Beneficial for:

Headache, greying of hairs, hair fall, sleeplessness, stress, early aging, improve vision, disease like psoriasis, hypertension.

Combination of herbs used for different doshas imbalance:

Vata : Bala Taila, Dhanwantri Taila, Narayan Taila, Dashmoola Kvatha etc.

Pitta: Chandan Taila, Himsagar Taila, Brahmi Taila, Ushira Kvatha, Ksheera Dhara etc.

Kapha: Nagar, Mustak and Madhuyashti Kvatha etc.

Duration: 30-45 minutes (depends on nature & condition of guest / patient).

Course of Therapy: Can be given for 7, 14 and 21 days or as recommended by Physician.

Reason why ‘Shirodhara’ is special & effective at Veda5?

We follow all the classical procedural steps -pre, main and post as per Ayurveda text.

Our team of Doctors and trained Panchakarma technician take proper history and vitals before starting the procedure.

We give advice for precautions regarding post care of therapy.

We use fresh prepared decoction and authentic Ayurveda oils for shirodhara.

Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment at Best Retreat in Rishikesh India - Veda5

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